BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

Colds, chemo and glorious UK weather

Sorry it’s been a while people… Not much to report really.. Had my bloods today and all set for round 4 of chemo on Monday..

This last lot has taken more of a hit than before but I guess that’s expected really.. Have had a cold and had to go on penicillin but I was lucky I didn’t get admitted to hospital..

It’s been gorgeous in England the last few days and I have to say a bit sunshine makes you feel so much better.. Walking my dog and enjoying the sun has really made me appreciate being alive and able bodied! Though one downside is its been too hot to wear my wig… Cue the dodgy photo waking my dog in my beanie!


So round 4 here we go, can’t believe how quickly time is flying, can’t believe I’m just about half way through chemo!! Waiting to find out how much radiotherapy I’ll need, they’ll tell me at my next consult apparently..


Pushing oneself not to be lazy

Today is the day after my third chemo session, it went ok had a few problems with the canula again as my lorazepam wore off due to slight delays in the ward and then I was too stressed so we had problems getting it in my vein.. Once in all went smoothly.. Sore arm and some vein damage and bruising but all ok.

I also dropped off my wig yesterday for a replacement as it has a fault in it where it was ripped and as they are not cheap I’ve asked for a replacement which is arriving hopefully on Wednesday… So I’m having to make do with hats and scarves at the moment to cover up my baldness.

Feeling pleased with myself today as even though I’m tired and the nausea keeps giving me a kick in the stomach i have pushed myself and done some exercise.. Not really that much compared to normal but as I’ve put on weight throughout this whole process its making me feel horrible to I’d like to try and trim up again. This is not an easy task on chemo as you can’t go swimming (too many germs) and high impact cardio workouts are just too tiring so my usual running is out of the question at the mo… So I’ve attempted yoga today on the wii fit.. Did 39 minutes and went through each pose.. Some of them are quite tricky!!
Also I’ve just got back from walking Tia ( our labrabdor) in this gloroious march sunshine, used a tracker and we’ve walked 2 miles..

Time to take on some fluids now and a little sit down in the garden..

Just a couple of funnies for you on the joy of bald :-

  • You cannot imagine ( well men with bald heads perhaps can but for women it’s odd!) how strange it is when youve shaved you head and then you feel wind on it… Soo odd..
  • getting in the shower and putting my head under the water flow actually made me laugh out loud as it tickles!
  • getting in bed last night and still thinking I had hair I went to pull out my bobble… Strange how you forget
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    Round 3 in the morning

    Well my blood count was high enough on Friday so it’s round 3 of chemo tomorrow afternoon.. Though following this one I will now have to have an additional injection later in the week to stimulate my bone marrow to produce more white blood cells.

    Finally took the plunge on friday with the help of some friends and vodka we shaved my head! So I’m now rocking my blonde wig and awaiting the arrival of my chemo beanie tomorrow.

    It’s been a gorgeous sunny day today and I’m looking forwards to summer and getting life back to normal.

    It’s my sisters birthday today, she lives in Australia and I find it do weird to not see her on this day… Happy birthday sis (again) love you x

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    Agghhh no chemo for me

    Thoroughly frustrated…. Even though I feel fine ( well as fine as it gets on chemo) my bloods came back yesterday and my white blood cell count was low again so my oncologist has cancelled my chemo on Monday and says I need another weeks rest to let my body recover..

    Very frustrating as I want to get on with this and get my life back… Dammit dammit dammit!!!!! And other words to that effect 😥


    Tempus Fugit

    Time really does fly!!! I can’t believe I’m back in for bloods tomorrow ready for my 3rd chemo session on Monday (providing bloods are ok)… It doesn’t seem like two minutes since my last session.

    Symptom update

  • hair
  • Well my hair has thinned considerably and I think post monday it will be very soon before the wig is a permanent fixture, as I’ve decided to no longer continue with the cold cap on Monday I think I’ll find that next week what’s left will fall pretty quickly.

  • Arm pain
  • I keep experiencing sharp pains in my right arm, they go off after a few minutes, having spoken to my breast nurse about it she says this is normal and it’s nerve damage from the surgeon removing my lymph nodes.. And could last several months at least..

  • Fatigue
  • this bug bear still haunts me… I think I’m doing pretty well but I still can’t do the things I’d like to, having put on weight do to the drugs, ivf and lack of exercise I would like to start running again but even walking the dog tires me some days so not sure when I’ll be able to run… I’ve booked in though to run the Sheffield 10k bupa run in September so at least I have something to work for post chemo…

  • sleep deprivation
  • still not sleeping as I once did, my right arm goes to sleep if I have it above my body whilst asleep, which used to be my way of sleeping.. Trying to teach your body to sleep in a way you haven’t before takes a bit of getting used to it seems lol!

  • left arm pain
  • due to the drugs that are being pumped into my veins every 3 weeks my left arm feels constantly bruised.. The drugs, especially the epirubicin are harmful to your veins. I’m surprised really that I still have the vein damage showing on my skin from my first treatment when we had an issue with the canula siting. Hopefully this will all go down post treatment.

  • chemo brain
  • laughingly this is known as a common symptom, in that you have a certain lack of focus and forgetfulness… Have experienced both… I’m blaming it on chemo brain lets put it that way!!! Went to the supermarket the other day, got to the checkout and put all my goods on the conveyor belt, only to have that awful sinking feeling that I had no money on me!! The words “oh god” came out of my mouth and the lady on the till asked what was wrong, “I’ve forgotten my purse” I said, “oh dear is it in the car dear” replied the woman… ” no it’s about 2 miles away at home!”, how embarrassing!! Bless her she packed all my bags and I drove home to fetch cash.

    Mostly though I’ve found that so far each chemotherapy treatment has followed a similar pattern, the first week post treatment is the worst for me, with days 5-7 the worst.. The 2nd week is mostly just tiredness, and the 3rd week so far I’m just about getting back to normal..

    Can’t believe that I’m nearly halfway through chemo, march, April, may to go… Then just June for radiotherapy … Bring it on!!! Get my life back soon hopefully

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