BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

A call for new lingerie and self tanning!!

I write my blog tonight after a full day of back and forth to Weston Park Hospital, after more blood tests, ECG and the results of my CT I can confirm I have, thankfully, been accepted onto the Pfizer Palomo 3 clinical trial.

I have been given the drug, and now start taking a daily tablet… Here’s hoping I got the real test drug and not the placebo! .. Also today I’ve had for the first time my Faslodex injections… Which gave rise to tonight title for the blog ( thankyou to Denise! For a great title idea!)… Every 4 weeks I will go for 3 injections, my normal denusumab for my bones.. And 2 new ones.. Faslodex.. Administered into my BUM!! It’s an intra muscular injection.. Which I have to say was quite painful!.. Well my knuckles went white gripping the bed lets put it that way!
However it means I get to bare both butt cheeks every 4 weeks to 2 people! 😳 so it’s time to go shopping for New knickers.. And a new requirement to self tan my Ass!!

So fingers crossed I got the real drug (2/3 get it ) and now to look forwards and hope

Thankyou to everyone for their kind wishes today xxxx


A set back..

Well in my last update I mentioned they were MRI’ing an anomalie in my liver that we were hoping was a blood vessel… I’m afraid this was not the case and we are now fairly certain that it’s a cancerous lesion, and as it had grown from 5mm to 10mm this indicates that my body has become accustomed to Letrozole which means that it’s effectiveness is no longer going to keep my cancer at bay… So I had a few options.. And I’ve made a decision to apply to join a clinical trial.

The trial will hopefully start in 2 weeks, it’s the Paloma 3 trial with Faslodex and a new drug which we hope will extend the longevity of the Faslodex so that my body doesn’t become accustomed too quickly.. The But in this is that I may get whats called the Placebo.. So the sugar pill and not the real drug.. There’s a 2 in 3 chance of me getting the new drug… Phase 1 and 2 trials of the drug have apparently been promising.. So it’s something I have to try.

1st step is for me to be assessed to see if they will accept me on the trial, this involves scans and blood tests and signing a contract, if accepted I’ll start in 2 weeks. The Faslodex is, unfortunately, given as injections.. In my Bum!!!.. Which anyone who knows me will be a challenge as I’m very needle phobic… But it’s something I’ll have to try to hopefully prolong my life.

There will be side effects, some similar to chemo apparently… I’m hoping no hair loss, but I need to discuss with the team next week. ..

How am I feeling??… Pretty shocked and disappointed.. I guess I thought I’d have longer on the first drug… But I refuse to wallow and feel sorry for after much googling last night and the early hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep it’s time to kick up a gear once more and start fighting again.

Keep your fingers crossed people.. I need to get on this trial..and I need to be getting the real drug not the placebo…

Not sure what else to write tonight… Need a little more time for this to sink in…. I’m ok… Normal service will resume shortly 🙂