BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

Man down

I write my blog today from my bed!!! Yes me !!! In bed during the day!!! TOTALLY unheard of… But today I give up I’m just Man Down 😦

This Chemo is rather kicking my ass this time it has to be said, I’ve hit day 3/4 &5 which remembering my last dance with chemo were the worst days.. However I do think so far Taxotere (the chemo drug I’m on this time) versus FEC ( the 3 drugs I had last time) is Far Far worse. To be expected though, stronger drug stronger dose.. But I have to admit the last couple of days are proving a challenge to my normal get up and go.

Symtoms are pretty poo… There’s quite a few.. (I write these for fellow patients so you can see what’s coming) …Are you sitting comfortably?

very sore mouth, feels like I’ve eaten 10tonne of salt and burnt all my mouth, and my jaw bones ache.
Wicked stomach cramps! Keeping me awake most of the night.
Inability to concentrate
Pins and needles in my right hand.. Permanently so skin feels sore.
Weird nerve like shooting pains.. Only occasional.
Nausea… This ones great! Constant stomach churny feel… Keep taking the tablets Jane 😦

But on the upside… At least if it’s hitting my body this hard it should also be hitting The mini Berts too!

Desperately hoping that tomorrow shows a marked improvement… Feeling very frustrated as I’ve too much to do, work, house, dog walking (which is lovely in these fresh winter days). I know you will all tell me to “take it easy”… But I swear if one more person says this I may scream! 😜 I don’t Do taking it easy.. It’s like caging an animal.. It’s driving me nuts!!

House is progressing well, thorough the extreme kindness and dedication of some wonderful people..
Jon & Steve Monaghan ( for organising a Fabulous plumber and tiler to get my en suite ready for me).. It looks amazing I’m so happy with it, like my own little boutique hotel room!
Rob Hill, for taking a huge weight off my shoulders and sorting out the drains.. Wow this is such a relief and nice to know he has it in hand and I don’t have to worry xxx thanks Rob
Mark Schofield, plasterer and render extraordinaire… For being my knight in shining armour and sorting out plastering nightmares where people keep letting me down.

THANKYOU all so much I am truly truly grateful and humbled for all your kind efforts for me x

… That’s all for now as I need a little nap.. Hoping when I wake the nausea will have worn off.