BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

Still here and kicking, but cancer keeps kicking back

In the 5.5 years I’ve been fighting this crap disease I’ve read many blogs, hoping to find inspiration and also see how others are being treated, what drugs are out there etc… In all that time one thing I’ve noticed and found hard to handle is when someone stops posting….

its been a while since I’ve written on here, and for once that’s a good thing.. I’ve had 18months of successful treatment on capcietabine, a tablet form of chemo, and it gave me back some semblance of normal life for a while… And when you’ve got a terminal disease the Normal things in life that all you healthy people take for granted suddenly become extremely important. So I’m posting tonight for 2 reasons…. I wanted to say to any other fellow cancer Met fighters….I’m still here.. The lack of posting is only because I’ve been busy enjoying life…

unfortunately the other reason is to use this as my medium to update all family and friends that cancer has given me a swift kick back this week… There’s been progression. As a Metastatic breast cancer patient these are the words you dread hearing from your oncologist. I’ve been having a dull back ache in my lower spine for a few weeks now,  originally just thought I’d been over doing it in the garden or even needed a new mattress… As you will see in the scan pics I’m posting with this feed.. My bone scan comparison with this year and last year disagrees… The met in the L3 joint in my spine has become infected as it were. .. Which means my treatment is starting to fail.. Also there’s been a slight growth of a tumour in my lung.

What does this mean… Well it’s time to change treatment…. How scary is this?… Very……….. Unfortunately there’s not enough research out there yet into metastatic cancer… And it’s incurable… And there is a finite number of treatments…. A Swap means that Ive now ticked off another and I must start on a new one…. That list is getting shorter 😦 and I can’t deny that’s quite scary.

So next week I start some new treatment, moving on to another IV based chemo called eribulin. This will be given to me over the course of 2 weeks, one infusion a week indefinitely until that one stops working

am I scared…. Yes…. Wil I give up…. HELL NO!’s come as a shock as I’d become complacent on capcietabine.. It was working and had for a while…. To be suddenly reminded of your immortality is a fairly swift kick to the guts. Hearing the words from you oncologist “we’,ve got treatments that will take us through to 2018” is quite tough to hear.

So it’s my last weekend pre the new treatment… I’m getting my (as granny would say) glad rags on tonight and going out for some Wine with my friends. Next week will bring a new challenge.


Im so lucky to have wonderful people around me supporting me… You all know who are.. Thankyou  ❤️❤️❤️