BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

Rnd 4 all done!!! 2 to go

Well that’s 4 down now, really pleased… Went well yesterday no problems with anything, clinic was a bit behind schedule but all went well.

The district nurse has just been to give me my gcsf injection to boost my bone marrow to stimulate my white blood cells.. So that’s it now just recovery for 3 weeks then off we go again.

Feel ok today, bit tired as didn’t get much sleep last night… My face is doing its usual red flush thing.. Lasts about 2 days… Look like a tomato!!! Especially when I’ve got my baldy out.

Bizarrely my hair started growing back last week, but then fell out again on Sunday… Balding patches now..

Weathers taken a sorry turn so no sitting outside this week 😌… Nothing much planned this week rest and that’s about it.

Have a good week all, feel free to pop in for coffee anyone xx


Oh for some sleep

Seem to have had a busy few days recently, and I have to say today I’m tired!! I’ve not been sleeping very well, I find that I wake up in the middle of the night then I cannot get back to sleep.. Which is very frustrating. Not sure why as I’m not particularly worrying about anything at the moment.. I guess there’s the impending round 2 of chemo on Monday, but now I know what to expect its not as scary as last time.

On tuesday I went for an assessment at the Rotherham cancer care centre, this is a charitable organisation which offers counselling, support and therapies to cancer patients in my area.. We talked about what I’d been through so far and ways in which some of the therapies may benefit me..

On a side note, why is it that’s most of the time I’m ok to talk about having cancer but whenever I tell anyone new about it I turn into a mushy mess!!

Anyway, back to the clinic.. We decided to try something called Reiki to see if this would relieve tension and help me sleep. Reiki is a Japanese healing system whereby “the practitioner” places their hands on your body to channel energy to areas of your body which need healing…

I went for my first hour long session yesterday, being a rather logical person I have to say I was somewhat intrigued by this and wondered whether it was just a load of mumbo jumbo… Angela, the lady performing my reiki told me of certain effects that I may feel during the process, one being a warm sensation… I found the experience quite relaxing, thankfully I didn’t embarrass myself and fall asleep!.. I did encounter the warm sensation at one point on the back of my head…

Apparently the process is an accumulative one, requiring several session… I have to say I didn’t sleep any better last night but we’ll see… Next session is next week.. All being well.

My next chemo session is on Monday, wow 3 weeks has flown by!! Going for bloods in the morning .😒 not good…

More tomorrow peeps jx

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