BERT2011 (Bugger, Estrogen Receptive Tumor)….

Metastic breast cancer at 38

Photo diary

So here’s a diary of the different looks for me during this journery… Starting with a normal photo!! Just to remind myself I did look normal once!

This is taken at our wedding 2 weeks after I was diagnosed


  • taken a few days before chemo starts thought I’d try a new look
  • 20120124-105551.jpg

  • rather embarrassing photo taken on first day of chemo with freezing cap on my head
  • 20120124-075412.jpg

  • state of my hand after 3 canula sitings
  • 20120124-075505.jpg

    Getting cuddles off my dog, I think she knows when I’m poorly and need a love 🙂


    New hair!!!! What do we think everyone? It’s a bit strange

    20120216-122425 PM.jpg

    So I’ve been working up the courage to put a baldy photo on here for some time.. I know when I was first diagnosed I looked at blogs to see what I had in store for me and one of the scariest things was loosing my hair, so for anyone about to go this here’s what I look like just before my last chemo… I hate it but at least it will grow back



    5 responses to “Photo diary

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    2. Louise says:

      Oh now what a shame you didn’t have access to the freeze cap for the wedding day – it would have just completed the look!!


    3. Clare says:

      Caption Competition

      Nanoo Nanoo”

      “Beam me up Scottie”

      Yesterday sounds awful at least you dont have to go through that again for 3 weeks and I hope you are starting to feel better?
      Love Clare


    4. sarah says:

      We need to see pictures of the new hair now its growing back xx


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